2014: time magazine gives their person of the year award to ebola.

You know the situation has gotten desperate when you start concatenating the word “stylish” to products you’re searching for on the internet.
Either you are so out of touch with what is fashionable that you require the aid of algorithmic internet gymnastics to tell you this, or your product is just inherently fashion-hostile.

Speaking of fashionable does anyone remember this gem?
Georgia Railroad Freight Depot and Wyland Whaling Wall



The second picture conveys the state of disrepair that the mural was in during the moments before its demise. But I think it was still so elegantly accurate in depicting not only its original message, the importance of awareness in regard to marine life, but also the aged, decrepit state of environmental awareness endeavors. The “environment” is old; it lost, and no one cares. It’s a fragment of the old world struggling to maintain its existence in an ocean of impervious, colorless hardness.



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